pamaport presents an innovative platform which implements standards for the used car dealerships in order to increase the level of services provided to the end clients and raise the overall quality of the dealership by providing guidance and implementation of standards.


care4mobility is the first app on the market with which you can view your vehicle and contract data on your smartphone always and everywhere compact and handy with everything you need at a glance.

Paper and plastic cards are now a thing of the past.

In addition, care4mobility reminds you about important dates involving your vehicle (end of warranty, technical inspections, etc.), and in the event of emergencies, you have all important contact data at your fingertips. Simply click to call your car dealership or send an email to your sales representative.

You can use care4mobility if you purchased your vehicle from a car dealership that is registered for use. Just ask at your car dealership.

Combine all technical and human
possibilities and let them interact
with each other.